ReganCraft's 24/7 Server Ip: ReganCraft.sytes.net:25876      ReganCraft Backup Server:ReganCraft.zapto.org

     ReganCraft is a new server with members joining everyday. ReganCraft is a MiniGames server with games like Factions, Survival, Skyblock, Mobarena, Parkour, etc. ReganCraft is thinking about adding games like survivalgames, and many more. Join for the most excitement of your life. Our members are very kind and will guide you through things, help you out if you ever need any help. The Ceo of the server, Bobbymcbobster, will even sometimes give you diamond tools, and armor! We are proud to have you and please check out our forums sometime, thanks and game on!



Rankings will be purchased below by clicking the donate button and entering the correct amount. Please be sure that THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AND REVIEW YOUR PAYMENT TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING CORRECT.